Trade stands

The event annually attracts some 7000 - 8000 farmers so hopefully it will be something you can't afford not to attend!  Your entry will be shown on our website once the application form has been received.and remittance received

Information and Conditions

Exhibitors are requested to read the following Regulations before making their entries.

Exhibitors, etc. Subject to Rules.

All exhibitors and their servants entering the Showground will be subject to the Orders, Rules and Regulations of the Organising Committee, and of the Stewards and Officials.

  1. Closing date for entries will be stated on the Entry form
  2. Application for Space. All applications must be submitted on the appropriate entry form, which must be signed by the exhibitor or his/her representative, such signature being the acceptance of the regulations.
  3. A remittance for all charges must accompany the Application Form.
  4. Applications will be accepted on the strict understanding that the Organiser reserves the right to refuse any application. Further, if an exhibitor cancels his entry after space has been so allocated, any refund of rental shall be at the sole discretion of the Organisers.
  5. Allocation of Space. The allocation of sites and positioning of trade stand space will be entirely at the discretion of the Organisers, although every endeavour will be made to meet any request made by an exhibitor regarding the position of his/her stand.
  6. Boundaries of sites will be marked and in no circumstances will exhibitors be allowed to occupy a larger space than that allocated to them.
  7. Each exhibitor will require to be responsible for the removal of refuse from his/her stand.
  8. Catering. Exhibitors may make such arrangements regarding catering on their own stands as they wish, provided that no exhibitor may sell any foodstuffs or beverages on his/her stand. Exhibitors catering on their stands are reminded that they must conform to the requirements of the current Food Hygiene Regulations.
  10. ACCIDENTS. The Organisers or the RWAS Ltd will not be responsible for any accident, fatal or otherwise, that may arise from an exhibitor reserving a tradestand or exhibition area of the event, and it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Organisers and the RWAS Ltd blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from such accidents.
  11. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY. The Organisers or the RWAS Ltd will not be responsible for the death, injury, disease or loss caused to any exhibitor, or to his or her servant or agent, or to any animal, exhibited by the said exhibitor, from whatever cause death, injury, disease or loss arises.
  12. The decision of the Organising Committee about the interpretation of these conditions will be final.